Western Partner & Line Dancing


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GB SHUFFLE Michael Schmidt Eat Sleep, Love You Repeat by Rodney Atkins
GET IT RIGHT Larry & Jody Carriger That'd be Alright sung by Alan Jackson
GET IT TOGETHER Ann Williams We Work it Out by Joni Harms
GET TO ME Dan Albro Get To Me by Lady Antebellum
GET UP 'N' DANCE Moses Bourassa Jr & B. Frechette Wait a Minute by Notorious Cherry Bombs
GETTING YOU HOME Chris & Trev Getting' You Home by Chris Young
GIMME THAT WINK Chris & Trev Wink by Neal McCoy
GLENGARRY SHUFFLE Unknown Tulsa Shuffle by The Tractors
GO WITH THE FLOW Hazel Pace Rolling with the Flow by Mark Chesnutt
GOING CRAZY Bob Hocking He's Driving Me out of your mind, by Tracy Byrd
GOLDEN RING Heather Staddon True Love Is A Golden Ring by Alan jackson
GOLDEN ROADS Fiona & Ian Smith Further Down The Road by Charlie Landsborough
GOLDEN STROLL Jim & Nen Godsall Too Far This Time by Brooks & Dunn
GOLDIGGER Bob & Kath Hocking 28-83 by Sammy Kershaw
GONE Bill Curtis Consider Me Gone by Reba McEntire
GOOD AT WALTZIN' Dave & Lesley Mather Good At Leavin' by Ashley Monroe
GOOD DAY TO RUN Alan & Sonia Cole A Good Day To Run by Darryl Worley
GOOD OLE BOYS Dave & Lesley Mather Good Ole Boys by Don Williams
GOOD TIME FRIDAY NIGHT Dj Dan & Wynette Miller Good Time By Alan Jackson  (live interview)
GOOD TIME JACKSON 4-2 Dan Albro Good Time By Alan Jackson  (live interview)
GOOD TIMES Bob Hocking Here For A Good Time  by George Strait
GOOD TIMES. Ann Williams Bring On The Good Times by Lisa McHugh
GOOD TIME SHUFFLE Carla Magri Here For A Good Time  by George Strait
GOOD TO BE HERE Carol & George Stayte EveryBody's Here by Brad Paisley
GOODBYE BLUES Chris & Andy Malpass No More Tears by David Ball
GOTTA DANCE FOR US Michael Schmidt Bing Bang Boom by Highway 101
GOTTA GET TO YOU Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Gotta Get To You by George Strait
GRACELAND SWING Dj Dan & Wynette Miller She's Not You by Elvis Presley
GREEN GRASS FROM IRELAND for partners Jette Kousgaard & Kurt Teilmann ( adapted from line dance ) Grass Grows The Greenest by Daniel Newman
GROWING UP Chris & Trev Growing Up Around Here by Will Hoge
GRUNDY GALLOP II Jenny Rocket S.O.L.D. By John Michael Montgomery
GUANTANAMERA Linda Sansoucy Guantanameraby Lation Bandido
GYPSY QUEEN FOR PARTNERS Hazel Pace adapted by Annie Muxoll, Jane Schmidt & Jette Kousgaard Gypsy Queen by Chris Norman
H & D SHUFFLE Linda Sansoucy Love Is Strange by Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
HALF A SONG FOR TWO Bill Goodlad Half A Song by Cody Johnson
HAND IN HAND Terry & Caroline French Just Another Woman In Love by Anne Murray
HANDY HANDY Bill Goodlad Handyman's Dream by Suzy Boguss
HANDS OF A WORKING MAN Karen & Nigel Poll Hands Of A Working Man by Ty Herndon
HANDS ON MY HEART Vivienne Scott Don't Take Your Hands Off My Heart by Dawn Sears
HANNAH'S DANCE Bernard & Sandra Wells Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind by George Strait
HAPPY FRIENDS Michael Schmidt Gotta Lot of Rhythm In My Soul by Niamh Lynn
HAWAIIAN GIRL Alan & Sonia Cole Hawaiin Girl by Josh Turner
HAZARD Dave & Lesley Mather Hazard by Richard Marx
HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Terry & Caroline French Living On Nine by Sonny Burgess
HEARING THINGS John & Kate Corbett I've Been Hearing Things About You by Vince Gill
HEARTACHE BLUES Ann Williams Missing Her Blues by David Ball
HEART BEATS Pim Humphrey My Heart Skips a Beat, by Dwight Yoakam
HEART BROKEN Jeff & Thelma Mills Girl Crush by Little Big Town
HEART OF HEARTS Carol & George Stayte Heart of Hearts by Don Williams
HEART IS RIGHT Bob Hocking Heart Is Right by Carlene Carter
HEARTBREAK STROLL  Ann Williams Never Again, Again, by Lee Ann Womack
HEARTSTRINGS Doreen Ollari & Randy Pelletier Now That's Alright With Me by Mandy Barnett
HEARTSTRINGS & ANGELS John & Pat Hews Happy Girl by Martina McBride
HEAVEN CAN WAIT Allen Matthias Everybody wants to go to heaven by Kenny Chesney
HEAVENS ABOVE Lynn & Barry Gannon World of Miracles by Carlene Carter
HELL & HIGH WATER Karen & Nigel Poll Hell & High Water by T. Graham Brown
HELLO LOVE Heather Staddon Hello Love sung by Joey & Rory
HERE & NOW TOGETHER Ann Williams Livin' in the Here & Now,by Darryl Worley
HERE AND NOW Chris & Andy Malpass The Present, by T.Graham Brown
HERE I AM Bob & Kath Hocking Here I Am, by Billy Currington
HERE WE GO Carol & George Stayte Long Way to Go by Alan Jackson
HERE'S TO YOU Chris & Trev Here's To You by James House
HIGH HOPES  original music version Carol & George Stayte Better Than Today by Don Williams
HIGH HOPES  alternative music version Carol & George Stayte Weed Instead of Roses by Asley Monroe
HIGH TIMES 2 Chris & Trev High Time by Kacey Musgraves
HILLBILLY HOOK-UP Joyce Warren Off The Hillbilly Hook by The Trailer Choir
HOLDING ME Ann Williams She Can't Let Go by Glenn Frey
HOLDING YOU Al & Sandy Ord Holding Everything by Randy Owen & Megan Mullins
HOLDIN' HEAVEN Mick Harris Holdin' Heaven by Tracy Byrd
HOME TO GEORGIA David Dabbs Georgia in a jug by Blake Shelton
HOMEGROWN HONKYTONK Dan Albro Homegrown by The Zac Brown Band
HOMETOWN GIRL Carol & George Stayte There's No Heart So Strong by Joni Harms
HONKYTONK FOR TWO Carol & George Stayte Honkytonk Life By Darryl Worley
HONKYTONK FOR TWO  ( alt music track ) Carol & George Stayte Next Times by Donny Richmond
HONKY TONK BADONKADONK FOR TWO Ellen Kieranan Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins
HONKY TONK FAN Dj Dan & Wynette Miller If I'm Gonna Sink by Neko Case
HONKYTONK MAMBO Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Close  up the Honkytonks by Dwight Yoakam
HONKYTONKVILLE Larry & Jody Carriger Honkytonkville by George Strait
HONS WALTZ Paul Cutler Love never Broke Anyone's Heart by Vince Gill
HORSEMAN Arne Stakkestad Horseman by George McAnthony
HOT PEPPER DOLL David Dabbs Hot Pepper Doll by Cerrito
HOW COULD I Ann Williams How Could I Love Her So Much by Jerry & The Ruf-Nex
HOW FAR TO WACO Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve How Far to Waco by Ronnie Dunn
HOW LONG GONE Chris & Trev How Long Gone by Brookes & Dunn
HUDSON VALLEY CHA CHA Dan Albro Man to Man by Gary Allan
I CAN LOVE YOU Mick Harris I Can't Love You Back by Easton Corbin
I CAN TAKE IT Ann Williams I Can Take It from There by Chris Young
I CAN TAKE IT Roger & Shirley Wales I Can Take It by Chris Young
I DON'T LOOK GOOD Jeff & Thelma Mills Stripes by Brandy Clark
I FELL IN LOVE AGAIN Chris & Trev I Fell In Love Again by The Forrester Sisters
I GOTTA GET TO YOU Chris & Trev Gotta Get To You by George Strait
I HAD A BEAUTIFUL TIME Diane Girard & Jacques Godin I Had A Beautiful Time by Merle Haggard
I JUST WANNA BE Fiona & Ian Smith Cup O' Tea by Don Williams
I KEEP TRYING Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve Donít You Let It Slip Away  by Juanita du Plessis
I KNOW I AM Ann Williams I Am That Man by Brooks & Dunn
I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT Judy Spencer & Judy Maloney I Love a Rainy Night by Roydon Donohue
I LOVE MEAT, SHE LOVES POTATOES Bob & Kath Hocking Meat & Potato Man by Alan Jackson
I LOVE THIS BAR Diane Girard & Jacques Godin I Love This Bar by Toby Keith
I LOVE YOU THIS BIG Chris & Trev I Love You This Big by Scotty McCreery
I THINK ABOUT YOU Ann Williams Springsteen sung by Eric Church
I TOLD YOU Dave & Lesley Mather I Told You So by Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis
I WILL ALWAYS Ann Williams I Will Always Be With You by Paul Bailey (uk)
ICE COLD BEER FOR 2 Rhys Williams & Ashley Rees Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs
IF I WERE YOU Heather & Fred Staddon If I Were You, I'd Fall In Love With Me by Gene Watson
IF IT ROCKS, DON'T KNOCK Diane Girard & Jacques Godin If The Trailer's Rockin' by Billy Joe Shaver
IF IT'S ALL THE SAME Lambert & Marleen If It's All The Same by Dallas Wayne
IF WE COULD Dj Dan & Wynette Miller If I Could by Sunny Sweeny
IF YOU DIDN'T LOVE ME Chris & Andy Malpass I Wouldn't Want To Live by Don Williams
IF YOU WANT MY LOVE FOR 2 Chris & Trev If You Want My Love by Laura Bell Bundy
IF YOU WERE A WHISKEY GIRL FOR 2 Linda Byrum & Paul Brown Damn Drunk by Ronnie Dunn
I'LL JUST PRETEND Chris & Andy Malpass I'll Just Pretend by Mandy Barnett
I'M DOING ALRIGHT Charles E Desmarais  I'm Doing Alright by Jacob Lyda
I'M GOING BACK AGAIN Pat & Kalvin Finch Blue Bayou by Raul Malo
I'M GONNA GET ALONG FINE Terry & Caroline French Love & Two Dimes by Darren Busby
I'M GONNA LOVE YOU TONIGHT Diane Girard & Jacques Godin I May Hate Myself In The Morning by Lee Ann Womack
IN JAMAICA Bob & Kath Hocking How'd I wind up in Jamaica
IN LOVE WITH YOU Terry & Caroline French Just Cause I'm In Love With You by Don Williams
IN MY DREAMS Jim & Nen Godsall When I close my Eyes by Kenny Chesney
IN THE BLUES Ann Williams Knee Deep In The Blues by The Derailers
IN YOUR WORLD Karen & Nigel Poll The Losing Game by Spencer James
INDIAN RESERVATION Madeleine Jones Indian Reservation ( original 60's version ) by Don Fardon
INDIAN SUMMER Dan Albro Dark Horse by Mila Mason
INSPIRATION FOR PARTNERS Jette Kousgaard & Kurt Teilmann Heaven in my Woman's Eyes by Tracy Byrd
INTO YOUR ARMS Ann Williams Back In Your Arms Again ( Nico Mix ) by The Mavericks
IT'S ALL GOOD Angela & Peter Kimber It's All Good by Toby Keith
IT'S GOOD FOR  2 Mick Harris It's All Good by Joe Nichols
INVISIBLE Fiona & Ian Smith Invisible by Darren Busby (uk)
INVITATION TO THE BLUES Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Invitation To The Blues by Ray Price
IRRESITIBLE Larry & Terri Boezeman I Hope You Want Me Too by The Mavericks
I STILL BELIEVE Paul & Sharon Hergert I Still Believe by Scooter Lee
IS IT FRIDAY YET ? FOR TWO Heather Staddon Is It Friday Yet ? By Gord Bamford
IS IT LOVE DJ Dan & Winnie Is it Love by Radney Foster & Bill Lloyd
IS THAT ALL YOU GOT Heather & Fred Staddon Is That All You Got by Toby Keith
IT'S A GAMBLE Fiona & Ian Smith The Gambler by Kenny Rogers
IT'S A GAMBLE  ( alt music ) Fiona & Ian Smith Mud On The Tires by Brad Paisley
IT'S ALL IN THE KISS Chris & Andy Malpass It's All In The Kiss by Ricky Cook
IT'S ALRIGHT Carol & George Stayte Jukebox with a Country Song by Doug Stone
IT'S THE SEASON Linda Sansoucy Let You love Flow, by The Bellamy Brothers
IT'S JUST THAT WAY COUPLES Vicki Cusack It's Just That Way by Alan Jackson
IT AIN'T EASY Nigel & Barbara Payne If It Don't Come Easy by Tanya Tucker
IT AIN'T OVER John Starmar & Sylv It Ain't Over by Jamie O'Hara

We would like to thank all the choreographers and dance teachers for supporting our website
 and giving their kind permission for us to display their dances, those include :-
Roger & Mary Wild, Bob & Kath Hocking, Josie Copley, Bill Goodlad
Pim & Ian Humphreys,    Al & Sandy Ord,   Rosie Multari,
DJ Dan & Wynette Miller,   Tony "Bootscooter" (USA),      Ann Williams,
Tony & Lana Wilson (Tuscon, USA),   Terry & Caroline French,   Linda Sansoucy,
Larry & Terri Bozeman,    Ms Allie (USA),   Gaye Teather,
Sue & Brian Moore,     Moses Bourassa Jr & Barbara Frechette,
Jim & Nen Godsall,    Pete & Val Simm,   Fred & Heather Staddon,
Jenny & Tom Ruffley,   Angela Pinnington & Peter Kimber, 
Tim Hand & Alice Daugherty,    Rick & Deborah Bates,   Carol & George Stayte,
Nigel & Barbara Payne,  Ellen Kiernan,  Lynn & Barry Gannon
Shuggie McCardle & Kat Thompson, Edie & Roy Ogilvie. Joe & Penny Barker.
Shirley Wood, Jim Vivis,  Karen & Nigel Poll, Diane Girard & Jacques Godin.
Bill Goodlad.
Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault, Arne Stakkestad.
Roy Moore, Fiona & Ian Smith, David Dabbs, Roger & Shirley Wales,
Chris & Trev, Dave & Lesley Mather, Ron & Pauline Clayton.
And anyone else who has submitted dance scripts to us and we have missed out.
Best Wishes
Alan & Sonia