Western Partner & Line Dancing


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1 % DEVIL Tammy Bosse & Dennis Bosse Angel Eyes by Love & Theft
1,2, & THEN ? WALTZ John & Bonnie Newcomer Rock & Roll Waltz by Scooter Lee
1976 Lucia Siro & Christyan Roussel 1976 by Alan Jackson
1976 partner Mike O'Brien 1976 by Alan Jackson
1st STEPS WALZ Vince Hogan adapted by Allen Matthias We'll Waltz In Love Tonight by Reba McEntire
2 C.W.L. Pat & Trev Jervis The Lord loves a Drinkin' Man by Mark Chesnutt
2 COLD BEER Michael Schmidt Cold Beer Conversation by George Strait
2 WONDER Michael Schmidt Wonder by Josh Turner
3 2 1  Al & Sandy Ord 3 2 1 by Brett Kissel
3 2 1          ( alternative music track ) Al & Sandy Ord Fresh Coat Of Paint by Lee Roy Parnell
7 TIMES 2 Jeff & Thelma Mills Same Thing Happened to Me sung by John Prine
70 WISHES FOR TWO The Crookedline Club I Need More Of You by The Bellamy Brothers
A BOY & A GIRL THING Chris & Trev Boy & Girl Thing by Mo Pitney
A BOX OF MEMORIES Fiona & Ian Smith The Box by Randy Travis
ALMOST PARADISE Sonny & Linda Klemm & Lindy Wilson Almost Jamaica by The Bellamy Brothers
ALONE Bill Goodlad You Ain't Alone by Toby Keith
A BUG IN MY MARGARITA Fiona & Ian Smith Long Way To Go by Alan Jackson
A COUNTRY HIGH Heather Staddon High On A Country Song by Sam Riggs
A DOLLAR SHORT Carol & George Stayte Two Weeks Late by Ashley Monroe
 A GOOD PLACE FOR LOVE  Terry & Caroline French Good Place For Love by Doug Bruce
A KISS IN THE DARK Larry & Terry Bozeman Lonely Too Long, by Patty Loveless
A LOVE WORTH WAITING 4 PARTNERS Norman Gifford / Jeanie Keener A Love Worth Waiting For by Bouke
A SLOW DANCE Eric Johnson  adapted from a Line dance choreographer unknown Slow Dance by George Canyon
A STRAIT SWING Rick & Deborah Bates The Big One by George Strait
A WOMAN LIKE YOU Mick Harris A Woman Like You by Lee Brice
A WORLD 4 COUPLES Nigel Payne The World by Brad Paisley
ABOUT THE SOUTH Bob Hocking Every Man's Got A Mountain by Rocky Lynne
ADIOS Terry & Caroline French Don't Say Goodbye by Louise Morrisey
AFRAID Hazel Pace Afraid, by John McCane
AINT GONNA WORK THAT HARD Dj Dan & Wynette Miller I Don't Want To Work That Hard by Blaine Larsen
AIN'T NO ANGEL Chris & Andy Malpass  No Angel by Sarah Gayle Meech
AIN'T THAT LONELY YET Alan & Sonia Cole Ain't That Lonely Yet by Dwight Yoakam
AL - JACK - SON - LEE  WALTZ Alan & Sonia Cole If It Ain't One Thing by Alan Jackson
ALL ABOUT YOU Bill & Cindie Curtis You by Chris Young
ALL CHANGE Mick Harris Things Change by Dwight Yoakam
ALL I CAN BE Charlie Green All I Can Be by Collin Raye
ALL MESSED UP Rob Hocking Messed Up In Memphis by Darryl Worley
ALL THE KING'S HORSES FOR 2 Karen & Nigel Poll Out Of Sight by Midland
ALL THINGS Bob Hocking Of All The Things by Eddie Raven
ALL WE WANT Julie & Brian All I Want by Darius Rucker & Brad Paisley
ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS DANCE Julie & Brian All You Gotta Do Is Dance by Kelly Cobbett ( Roots & Wings )
ALLIGATOR SHUFFLE Dan Albro Jumpin' The Jetty by Coastline
ALONE WITH YOU   ( slow version ) Ron & Pauline Clayton Alone With You by The Derailers
ALONE WITH YOU   ( fast version ) Ron & Pauline Clayton There Goes My Heart by The Mavericks
ALWAYS A WINNER Ann Williams Walking Away A Winner by Kathy Mattea
ALWAYS BY ME Mark & Jan Caley I Ain't Missing You by Brooks & Dunn
ALWAYS WITH YOU David Dabbs I'm Your Radio by Jeff Griffiths
AM I AMARILLO Alan & Sonia Cole Am I Amarillo by Aaron Watson
AMSTERDAM MOON DJ Dan & Winnie Amsterdam Moon by The Mavericks
AN AMERICAN GIRL Chris & Trev Xxx's & Ooo's by Trisha Yearwood
ANGEL DELIGHT Jim & Nen Godsall You're My Angel by Brooks & Dunn
ANGEL EYES Hazel & Jack Parfitt Angel Eyes by Tamara Walker
ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER Karen & Nigel Poll Angel On My Shoulder by Gary Perkins
ANGEL WINGS Bob & Kath Hocking Wings of a Honky-Tonk Angel, by Brad Martin
ANGELENO FOR TWO Chris & Trev Angeleno by Sam Outlaw
ANGELS & ALCOHOL Carol & George Stayte Angels & Alcohol by Alan Jackson
ANGELS & ALCOHOL  ( alt music track ) Carol & George Stayte Lay Low by Josh Turner
ANOTHER MAN'S SKY Karen & Nigel Poll Another Man's Sky by Royal Wade Kimes
ANOTHER NIGHT WITH YOU Bill Goodlad Another Night With You by Darius Rucker
APPLE PIE  Jim & Nen Godsall Is Fort Worth really Worth it by Terri Clark
APRIL STROLL Hazel Parfitt Shame On Me by Billy Keeble
ARIZONA CHA CHA Jim & Nen Godsall It's Alright, by Trisha Yearwood
ARIZONA STROLL Shirley McCoy Babcock San Antonio Stroll by Tanya Tucker
AROUND THE CORNER Larry Boezman Down On The Corner by The Mavericks
AS REQUESTED ! Karen & Nigel Poll All Out Of Love by Brooks & Dunn
AS YOU LIKE IT Graham & Chrissie Bryant Learning as you Go, by Rick Trevino
ASHLEY'S WALTZ Joe & Penny Barker Last Cheaters Waltz bt T.G. Sheppard
AUTUMN LEAVES CHA CHA Hazel Pace The Whispering Wind, by Mandy Barnett
AUTUMN ROSE David Dabbs Autumn Rose by Rick Trevino
AZTEC SHUFFLE Terry & Caroline French I've Been in Mexico, by Blaine Larson
B&S STROLL Silvia Scott A Little Bluer Than That by Alan Jackson
B REMEMBERED Bill & Jane Turner Loving you makes me a better Man by Hal Ketchum
B.A.M. R & D Bates,  J & D Adams, B & D Martin Why Not Tonight sung by Neal McCoy
B.C.CHA CHA Bill Jackson & Carolyn Jones She Wore Red Dresses sung by Roly Daniels
BABY BLUE TWO Angie Leyland adapted for partners by Vicky Jackson & Dave Thomas You're In The Shadow Of My Mind by Chris Raddings
BABY DON'T GO Michelle & Marc Archambault Baby don't go, by D Yoakam & S Crow
BABY I'M BLUE Mariette and Jean-Marc Villeneuve Baby I'm Blue by Hal Ketchum
BABY I'M RIGHT Chris & Trev Baby I'm Right by Darius Rucker & Mallary Hope
BABY LET'S DANCE Paul & Sharon Hergert Baby, Let's lay Down and Dance by Garth Brooks
BABY SLOW DOWN Ann Williams Don't Rush by Kelly Clarkson feat. Vince Gill
BABY YOU DO Dan Albro Baby You Do by Larry Fleet
BACK HOME Karen & Nigel Poll Back Home In Your Arms by Glenn Rogers (uk)
BACK IN TIME Wanda and Charlie Ryder Back by Colt Ford featuring Jake Owen
BACK IN TOWN Bob Hocking Baby's Back in Town by Jody Jenkins
BACK TO BACK Bob Hocking Back to Back by Clint Black
BACK TO MEMPHIS Carol & George Stayte That's How I Got To Memphis by Roch Voisine
BACK TO YOU Terry & Caroline French I Hit The Ground Crawlin' by Tracy Lawrence
BACK TWO THE COUNTRY Tony & Lana Wilson Back to the Country, by Marty Stuart
BAD THINGS Bill Goodlad Bad Things by Jace Everett
BAD CASE Garth Brock Bad Case of Missing You by The Oak Ridge Boys
BAD GUY Fiona & Ian Smith That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy by Toby Keith
BANANA PANCAKES Karen & Nigel Poll Banana Pancakes by Billy Currington
BASICS OF LOVE Terry & Caroline French Luckenbach Texas by Waylon Jennings
BAYOU BAY BOOGIE Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry  adapted from  Max Perry's line dance Boogie On The Bayou by Big Ass Boots
BE HAPPY Jan Smith Back in my Arms Again, by Lorrie Morgan
BEACH PARTY Al & Sandy Ord Desert Luau by David Ball
BEAUTIFUL SET OF WINGS 4-2 Moses Bourassa Jr & B. Frechette Last Dollar (Fly Away) by Tim McGraw
BEER DRINKING Jim Vivis Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer by Billy Currington
BEER GOGGLES FOR 2 Dottie Caden Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On by Neal McCoy
BEER IN MEXICO Dan Albro & Lyndy Beer In Mexico by Kenny Chesney
BEGGARS & HEROES Chris & Trev Beggars & Heroes by The Bellamy Brothers
BELIEVE ME John Starmar & Eileen Sheward Moment of Truth , by Suzy Bogguss
BELIEVER  ( slow version ) Alan Finch Believer by Brooks & Dunn
BELIEVER  ( fast version ) Alan Finch I've Got A Feelin' For You by Joni Harms
BE MY GIRL Jan Smith Oh Megan by Winsor Harmon
BEST OF FRIENDS Jean Miles (UK) Best of Friends by Dave Sheriff
BETTER AFTER EVERY BEER   (slow) Allen Matthias Better Every Beer by Brady Seals
BETTER AFTER EVERY BEER   (fast) Allen Matthias Asking Questions by Brady Seals
BETTER THAN THIS Alan & Sonia Cole It Don't Get Better Than This by Rodney Crowell
BETTER TOGETHER Ann Williams I Told you So by Keith Urban
BETWEEN US Bernard & Michelle Roy So Many Miles by Kieran Kane
BEYOND THE BLUE Terry & Caroline French Beyond The Blue by Beth Nielsen Chapman
BIDING TIME Jeff & Thelma Mills Waiting Tables by Don Henley
BIG BIG LOVE Diane Girard & Jacques Godin Big Big Love by Tanya Tucker
BILLY'S DANCE Pierre Mercier If My Heart Had Wings by Faith Hill
BLACKPOOL STROLL Doug & Edith Clark There Goes by Alan Jackson
BLAME THE VAIN Bob Hocking Blame The Vain, by Dwight Yoakam
BLUE CHA FOR 2 Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Blue Café by Major Dundee
BLUE EYES Carol & George Stayte The Only Thing Bluer Than His Eyes by Joni Harms
BLUE EYES  ( Alternative Music ) Carol & George Stayte I'm Not Jealous by Sam Outlaw
BLUE JEAN SWING Dan Albro Cowboy, Cowboy by Brooks & Dunn
BLUE KENTUCKY SHUFFLE Dave Woollas Blue Kentucky Girl by Michelle Dixon & Drive
BLUE MEMORY SHUFFLE Lundy Rhenarde & Paul Cooper Blue Blue Memory by Plain Loco
BLUE NEON Angela & Peter Kimber Beyond The Blue Neon sung by George Strait
BLUE ROSE Darrel & Doris Aldrich Blue Rose Is by Pam Tillis
BLUE SHADES Karen & Nigel Poll New Shade Of Blue by Southern Pacific
BLUE WORLD Bob & Kath Hocking A World of Blue by Dwight Yoakam
BOBS FRIENDSHIP Brenda Foxley Angel of no Mercy by Collin Raye
BOP THE B's Moses Bourassa Jr & B. Frechette Bop To Be by Billy Swan
BORN TO BE BLUE Alan & Sonia Cole Born To Be Blue by The Mavericks
BOUQUET OF ROSES Anna & Piet Meulendijks Bouquet Of Roses by Marty Robbins
BOURBON & FRIENDS Fiona & Ian Smith Jim & Jack & Hank by Alan Jackson
BOTH EYES OPEN Lois Lightfoot Dreaming with my eyes Open by Clay Walker
BOX OF MEMORIES Pat & Trev Jervis Puttin' Memories Away, by Gary Allen
BOYFRIEND FOR TWO Yvonne Anderson, adapted by  Al Ord Favourite Boyfriend of the Year by The McClymonts
BOYFRIEND OF THE YEAR (partner) Yvonne Anderson / Allen Matthias Favourite Boyfriend of the Year by The McClymonts
BOYS & GIRLS TOGETHER Bob Hocking If I Were A Boy by Reba McEntire
BRAND NEW Karen & Nigel Poll A Shoulder to cry On by Mark Chesnutt
BRAZILIAN CHA CHA Shep Spinney Third Rate Romance by Sammy Kershaw
BREAK STEP Kalvin & Pat Finch Break On Me by Keith Urban
BREATHLESS Jeff & Thelma Mills Always wanting More by The Dean Brothers (UK)
BRIGHT SIDE OF THE MOON Allen Matthias Bright Side Of The Moon by Billy O'Dwyer (bob)
BRIGHT SUNSHINE Ann Williams Sunshine by Charlie Landsborough
BRINGING ME DOWN Terry & Caroline French Who Do You Think You Are by Sam Outlaw
BRINGING ME DOWN  ( alt music track ) Terry & Caroline French I Left Something Turned On At Home by Trace Adkins
BROKEN HEART Angela & Peter Kimber Walkin' A Broken Heart by Don Williams
BROKENHEARTSVILLE Alan Finch Brokenheartsville, by Joe Nichols
BRUCE ON THE LOOSE Jeff & Thelma Mills Bruce is Cuttin' Loose, by Darl Enga
BUCKET SEATS Dan Albro Somewhere in my Car by Keith Urban
BUFFALO SHUFFALO Pip & Carolann No One But You by George Strait
BURNIN' DAYLIGHT Jim & Nen Godsall That's How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye by Tracy Lawrence
BURNING DESIRE Ann Williams An Out Of Control Raging Fire sung by Tracy Byrd
BUT I DO Carol & George Stayte But I Do by Vince Gill & Paul Franklin
BUTTS & BOOTS Sylvia Priestley " Fresh Coat Of Paint " by Lee Roy Parnell
BUY ME A ROSE Mabel Thompson Buy Me a Rose sung by Kenny Rogers
BVD  ( The Bob & Vivian Dance ) Lyndy Gotta Get To You by George Strait
BYE BYE BABY  ( alt music track ) Ann Williams Every Single Thing by Jody Jenkins
BYE BYE BABY Ann Williams There Goes My Baby by Trisha Yearwood
CABO CRAZY Carol & George Stayte Cabo San Lucas by Toby Keith
CADILLACS & CAVIAR FOR TWO Wendy Lorek,D&c Shutts & Kevin Kreider A Different Kind Of Fine by The Zac Brown Band
CAJUN MELODY Linda Sansoucy Louisiana Melody by David Ball
CALIFORNIA Carole Gosselin & Raymond Sanschagrin California by Jill King
CALIFORNIA BLUES Sandra Fallows California Blue by Roy Orbison
CALL ME Ann Williams Follow Your Arrow by Kasey Musgraves
CANADIAN CAROUSEL Alan & Sonia Cole Oh Lonesome You by Trisha Yearwood
CAN'T HELP BELIEVIN' Mabel Thompson The Bill Haley Medley by The Deans (UK)
CAN'T HELP MYSELF Ann Williams Can't Help Myself by Eddie Rabbit
CAN'T WIN Rick & Deborah Bates Gone Country Alan Jackson
CARAMEL SWIRL Jim & Nen Godsall Baby's Gotten good At Goodbye by George Strait
C'EST LA VIE Mabel Thompson C'Est La Vie, by Chely Wright
CHAINS OF THIS TOWN Dj Dan & Wynette Miller Chains of this Town by BR5-49
CHAMPAGNE CHA Dan Albro Drinkin' Problem by Midland
CHANGED Jeff & Thelma Mills The Morning After by Ashley Monroe
CHARLESTON BUMP Bill " Peanut " Rice If Bubba Can Dance by Shenandoah
CHARLOTTE'S WALTZ Bernard & Sandra Wells The Last Waltz by Rodney Crowell
CHASING RAINBOWS Carol & George Stayte Beer On A Boat by Ashton Shepherd
CHEAP COLOGNE Carol & George Stayte Cheap Cologne by William Michael Morgan
CHEAP TALKING Carol & George Stayte Talk Is Cheap by Alan Jackson
CHEAP TALKING ( ALT MUSIC VERSION ) Carol & George Stayte The Belle of Liverpool by Derek Ryan
CHEEK TO CHEEK Hazel Pace To Be Loved by You by Wynonna Judd
CHERRY PIE Dave & Lesley Mather Little Yellow Blanket by Dean Brody
CHEYENNE STROLL Julie & Brian Follow Your Arrow by Kasey Musgraves
CHEYENNE WOMAN Arne Stakkestad Cheyenne Woman by Rene Guylline
CHEYENNE AROUND Unknown adapted by Katie Carpenter Baby I Go Crazy by Josh Turner
CHILL-AXIN Carol & George Stayte Chiilaxin by Toby Keith
CHOCOLATE DELIGHT Jim & Nen Godsall From there to Here by Lonestar
CHRISTMAS TIME IN TEXAS David Dabbs When It's Christmas Time In Texas by George Strait
CINDY LOU TWO STEP Hazel Pace Never Gonna feel like this,by Kenny Chesney
CITY LIGHTS SWING Dj Dan & Wynette Miller City Lights by Rick Trevino
CLOSE UP THE HONKYTONKS Dj Dan & Wynette Miller Close  up the Honkytonks by Radney Foster
CLOSE YOUR EYES Terry & Caroline French Like we never had a broken Heart by Trisha Yearwood
COCONUT CHA Dj Dan & Wynette Miller Laid Back n' Low Key by Alan Jackson
CODIGO David Dabbs Codigo by George Strait
COFFEE FOR TWO David Pytka Black Coffe by Lacy J Dalton
COLD BEER COUNTRY Wilf & Molly Thomas Cold Beer Country by Toby Keith
COLD COLD HEART FOR 2 Estelle Shepherd Cold Cold Heart by Alan Gregory
COLORADO GIRLS Dan Albro Colorado Girl by The High Rollers
COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER Chris & Trev Come A Little Bit Closer by Alan Gregory
COME AND CRY Nigel & Barbara Payne Cry To Me, by Ronnie McDowell
COME AROUND Ann Williams You Walked In by Lonestar
COME ON BABE Fiona & Ian Smith Come A Little Closer by Don Williams
COOKIES & CREAM Jim & Nen Godsall Jealousy by Joni Harms
COOL CHICK Robbie McGowan Hickie adapted  Allen Matthias Please Mama Please by Go Cat Go
CORN DON'T GROW ( partners ) Tina Argyle adapted for Partner Dancing by Chris & Trev Where Corn Don’t Grow by Travis Tritt
CORNISH HUSTLE John & Janette Sandham Some days are diamonds, by John Denver
COSTA FIESTA FOR 2 Chris & Trev Changin' Hearts by The Bellamy Brothers
COUNTRY ALL THE WAY Estelle Shepherd & Andrew Ward Country Through & Through by Chris James
COUNTRY BOOTS Carol & George Stayte Feel Right by Tanya Tucker
COUNTRY C CHA Ann Williams Afterglow by The Bellamy Brothers
COUNTRY FOLK Carol & George Stayte Trailerhood by Toby Keith
COUNTRY IN MY HEART Chris & Trev Country by Mo Pitney
COUNTRY KICKING Ann Williams Honky Tonk Man by Dwight Yoakam
COUNTRY LEGENDS Carol & George Stayte Buffalo Bill by Sarah Storer
COUNTY LINE CHA CHA Unknown, danced as seen at a dance social Neon Moon cover version sang by Myself ( Alan )
COVERED WITH KISSES John & Kate Corbett Cover you in Kisses by John Michael Montgomery
COWBOY BLUES Alan & Sonia Cole Where Rivers Are Red & Cowboys Are Blue by Triston Marez
COWBOY CHA CHA Choreographer Unknown Let Me In To Your Heart by Mary Chapin Carpenter
COWBOY MAMBO Barb & Dave Munroe Sure Be Cool If You Did by Blake Shelton
COWBOY STROLL Choreographer Unknown / Script Unavailable How About Them Cowgirls by George Strait
COWBOY SWEETHEART Pim Humphrey Cowboys Sweetheart by LeAnn Rimes
COWGIRL & BAD HOMBRE Chris & Andrew Sparks No way Jose, by Ray Kennedy
CRAZY PEOPLE Greywolf & Wiya Wambli People are Crazy by Billy Currington
CRYING AT NIGHT Diane Girard & Jacques Godin I Do My Crying at Night by Gina Jeffries