Western Partner & Line Dancing


Hi there Alan here, just a few words to let you know of my latest project, as quite a few of you know, back in 1997 I ran a Country Music based Radio Station Called Don Valley Country this was aired on 87.7 FM on a trial basis,but due to high running costs it was disbanded and the station closed, all of the equipment has been mothballed at home for quite a long time with only the odd attempt to get it back on the air, but now because of the introduction of Internet Based Radio Stations it has given me the chance to fire it all back up again, we have signed up to a streaming company called Radionomy who cover all the costs of licences, copyright etc by placing an advert every now and then on the programming to cover everything for me, So DON VALLEY COUNTRY is back on the air playing Country and Associated Genres ie, Partner & Line Dance, bluegrass, cajun, Rockabilly, Skiffle, etc,it is a long process to get all the daily programme schedules done but at least whilst I am doing all that the station has a great Station Automation system with a very large amount of Country etc music in its database plus the jingles to keep it On-Air streaming 24/7 constant.  The station has a facebook group just search for Don Valley Country and all the links are there to get you to the station,plus as the station schedule is generated it will be put up on there. The Station also has a website links can also be found on Facebook  Radionomy also have an app in the app store download radionomy app and search for don-valley -country ( note there is a space before the hyphen in front of the word country ) You can find us direct on the internet via

There is also a website that you can play the station through just go to


The Main Criteria of running the station is that the licence and all that comes with it needs to see a certain quantity of listenership to keep it alive so if you get the chance give the station a listen and if you have any country music friends who might like to listen in it would be a great help to me to help keep the station on the air. Hopefully over the next few months it will all come together.

" Keeping it Country on the Airwaves with More Hat & Less Chat Don Valley Country."

Many Thanks Alan.